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About Gena Dowell

Gena Dowell grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. As a child her lifelong dream was to be a teacher. She has a passion in being a part of education and making a difference in each of her students’ lives.

Gena is a 7 year experienced, highly qualified elementary school teacher with high expectations and student success. She enjoys teaching and working with small groups to help students reach their potential.

She also tutors students one-on-one before school, small groups after school, and assists upper grade students in preparing for STAAR success. In addition, she privately tutors children in her neighborhood.

Mrs. Dowell is a hard worker and loves a challenge. She is always looking for ways to improve in all she does. When she decides to do something, she puts forth 110% and doesn’t quit until the task is complete!

Gena has many strengths and talents. One of her strengths is analyzing data to intervene with unique individualized instruction, while keeping their learning styles at the forefront. Her talents include: drawing, creative teaching ideas, and organization,

Mrs. Dowell believes all students can learn, when given the right tools, opportunities and support. She also believes an important part of student success is through a team which includes: the teacher, student, and parent working together for the success of each child.

Gena believes learning is a life-long process. Also, she believes in promoting higher education (College) at a young age. She believes all of this is possible through data analysis, careful instruction, and support.

Thank you for opening your classroom up for us to come and learn! You have some great ideas and some great students!
S. Naumann TCU Student Teacher
Thank you so much for all your positive tips and enthusiasm. I am so glad I had the opportunity to watch/observe your classroom every Thursday! I will miss both you and your wonderful students so much!
L. Cooper TCU Student Teacher
Thank you very much for working to decorate for literacy night. Your room looked amazing. It has been a pleasure to work with an over-achiever such as yourself.
M. Ordaz FWISD Literacy Coach
We area truly blessed to have met you and amazed at the difference you have made for our family. Gabbie's grades are improving, reading had jumped levels, and family time is a daily thing because of your dedication to her! Thank you for being a great teacher, motivator and person!
A. Travelstead Parent

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